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Club Ping Pong X On Dit Quoi!?

This month we have a special Club Ping Pong. This day its hosted by On Dit Quoi.
On dit quoi was initiated in 2018 as a African home party in Utrecht by 2 brothers from Africa, Rwanda. After 3 session @home, they decided to take the concept to our city Utrecht, and see how the city would react. It is crazy to see how they are still capable of creating a vibe that is welcoming to everyone and how people love the diversity of people.
The mission is to create an environment where Afro-European and Dutch people can meet up and enjoy music from all over the world.
The main focus is music from the African continent mixed with some 90’s Hip-Hop, Funk, Latin, &Sub Roots?
On Dit Quoi loves working together with local artists and creatives to create a movement that brings the ? together. Starting in our city Utrecht, changing minds in a playful manner.
We looking forward to see you dance on the 12th of oktober.
Ada Kems
Mr. Felix
Di Napoo
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