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Parallels Open Lab Expo

We are proud to invite you to the third edition of the Media Technology alumni lecture series. With this series we would like to inspire current students, reunite alumni, and bring both together. This third event will take place at the venue of the Parallels Open Lab Expo, Peron E. in Utrecht.
Presenters are alumni Jelle van der Ster (SETUP) and Arnaud Loonstra (Sphaero, HKU Expertise Center for Creative Technology).
Are you an expo visitor?
In addition to students and alumni, this edition is also aimed at anyone with an interest in creativity meeting research, arts merging with science and technology blending with humanity.
Are you an alumnus?
There will be a way to catch up with fellow graduates – and to see what the graduates-to-be are up to. Furthermore, you as a graduate could be an example to us peewees, and therefore your presence is very much appreciated.
Are you a student?
So you have had an interesting time spent with art, technology and a collaboration of both. Maybe only one semester, maybe four or more. No matter what, undoubtedly you thought at some point “What’s next?”, Alumni events group to the rescue! We will provide you with some thought triggering, horizon broadening, synapse stimulating lectures.
For more info on the Parallels Expo, see our website.
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